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Sandia Park Labrador's

Sandia Park, New Mexico - 505-410-3925

Sandia Park Labrador's

                   Chocolate lab puppy 

L,                         Yellow Labrador retriever 
               She was our first Labrador Retriever 
                 puppy and the reason for our love of 
                the breed. Her name was Sabrina. 
               Here she is with her beloved toy taco. 
              She didn't have a remarkable pedigree.
              She was simply the best dog I have ever
             owned. She gave us 13 years of
             unconditional love.We miss her and it
              is to her that we dedicate this website.

Chocolate Labrador retriever puppy

      This Chocolate Labrador Puppy loves 
                             the Browns!   

 A Labrador Retriever's life lasts ten to fifteen years.Every separation 
              from  you means suffering for me. Think about this before you decide
             whether or not to take me!

Give me time to understand what you are asking from me.

Instill confidence in me - I thrive on it!

Do not be angry with me for a long time and do not lock me up for
          punishment! You have your work, your pleasure, your joy - I have only

Talk often to me! Even if I do not understand you completely, I do
          understand the tone of your voice when you talk to me.

Know that, no matter how I am being treated, I shall never forget it!

Keep in mind, before you hit me , that my jaws could crush the
          knuckles of your hand with ease, but that I do not make use of them.

Before you scold me when working with me, consider: perhaps I am
          uncomfortable from digesting my last meal;
          perhaps I was exposed to the sun too long; or perhaps I have a worn
          out heart.

Take care of me when I am old -- you too are going to be old one day.

Be with me when my going gets rough. Everything is easier for me
          when you are beside me.

-Author Unknown 






We are taking deposits. Lady and Teddy have produced a litter of 6 Chocolates. 2 males and 4 females. Only 1 female left.